Picked up a couple 386 machines

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Thu Mar 1 13:37:03 CST 2018

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> It is the 2500 SX. The drive is a quantum prodrive LPs 105 AT.
> The drive spins up but is not recognized.

That is a very standard IDE drive that you can replace with just about any IDE drive you can find, at least to get things up and running. The controller won't support the faster transfer speeds of later drives, and may not support the full capacity of the larger drives, but the newer drives should be backward compatible. Something in the 500MB range would probably be a good choice. Also, looking at the information I have on the motherboard the drive controller can't be disabled. You may be able to add a secondary drive controller, but booting from the hard disk on that controller _may_ not be possible.

> >> The tandy 2500 is pretty nice as well, it has a cdrom and a hard drive
> >> installed, although the hard drive is dead and seems to only accept AT
> >> hard drives.
> >
> > Which model of the 2500 did you find? the 2500 SX/20, SX/33 & RSX
> > motherboards all seem to have built-in IDE drive controllers. What model
> > is the hard disk?


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