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> I dunno about these historical accounts.
> I was watching a PBS program about RADAR and the magnetron was made out
> to be a super-secret device, yet there's a clear explanation of it in my
> 1942 "Radio Handbook".
> --Chuck

For a non-sensationalized accounting that tracks developments, and personalities, over the course of many decades of developments and spin-offs, try:

    The Invention That Changed the World:
    How a Small Group of Radar Pioneers Won the Second World War and Launched a Technical Revolution
    (1998; Touchstone; 576 pp)

    Authored by Robert Buderi, former technology editor for Business Week.

Yes, quite an over-the-top title ... but the content isn't that way at all, IMO.  It stacks up quite well against academic treatises on related topics (e.g., Whirlwind) published by MIT Press.


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