radar history

Dave Wade dave.g4ugm at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 06:45:10 CST 2018

> A very interesting story in this radar history is how the Dutch managed to
> rescue the EF50 tube, essential for these early radar receivers, to England
> just hours before the Germans invaded holland.
> Read here ( not my site ):
> http://www.dos4ever.com/EF50/EF50.html#war
> Jos

Williams and Kilburn who built the Manchester Baby (SSEM) had worked on Radar during the Second World War.  
The Store, being composed of CRT tubes uses many circuits cribbed from Radar. The machine contains 156 EF50s 


the store amplifiers which detect if there is a "dot" or a "dash" on the face of the Kilburn-Williams tube use 4 x EF50 and 1 x EF55



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