AlphaCom Terminal

Bill Degnan billdegnan at
Thu Mar 8 15:40:38 CST 2018

The 1969-71 AlphaCom terminal is a candidate for

Here are some photos

I got this from the inventor's son.  I am unsure how many of these were
made or put into production.  The terminal kind-of worked for a while, it
saves forms in core memory and transmits them like a glass teletype (i.e.
datapoint 3300) and would have been a competitor machine.  Unfortunately
it's too complex for me to decipher, there are no schematics and I am
unable to get it running again.  The Sanyo TV adapted as a display is also
dysfunctional now.  Perhaps someone here would like to help me make
progress.  I have a ton of photos on my site, linked from the above thread,
but doubtless more research is necessary.

I am located in Landenberg, PA USA near Philadelphia due west of Newark


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