New C-64C cases...

jwsmobile jws at
Sat Mar 21 00:36:11 CST 1970

On 3/4/2015 9:28 PM, ben wrote:
> On 3/4/2015 10:17 PM, Jim Brain wrote:
>> On 3/4/2015 11:03 PM, drlegendre . wrote:
>>> I can understand the appeal of a transparent case, but is water-clear
>>> really what we'd want? As for myself, I'd think a tinted transparent
>>> smoke
>>> grey would serve the same basic goals, but be a little less cruel to 
>>> the
>>> actual appearance of the otherwise unpresentable internals.
>> I would jump all over clear, as that would allow me a chance to show off
>> internal designs without opening cases all the time.
>> Jim
> You have seen one 6502 you have seen them all.
> Ben
I'd submit that that goes double for the C-64 itself.  This isn't for 
the most part about what you are looking at, but what you can show off 
to someone.  A clear unit would definitely be of interest to most people 
I know who seldom get to see the "insides" of much I have, and if they 
do, it is usually laying on a table as a static display.

you can create an attractive display unit, and keep greasy mitts off the 
innards of your gear at the same time.

I have 0 C-64's but a clear box or two would be nice for some things I 
do use.

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