D.G. Nova update -- crapacitors strike again reprise

Tom Jennings tomj at wps.com
Fri Apr 1 11:57:36 CST 2005

On Fri, 1 Apr 2005, Tom Jennings wrote:

> Well I identified the failure, fixed it, and the disk pack is
> formatting right now. Whew!

That was at midnight. At about 1am, initializing (OS image) the
last sectors of the last surface -- really -- it crapped out
again. Similar symptom; infinite read errors. Seeks, appears to
format OK) can't read sector address headers.

I *hope* it's the same problem, which means shotgunning all those
@#_(*&#_(#*&@_#@# G.D.M.F. blue-death caps.

(The Read/Write Amplifier Board in this 6070 drive is an ugly
thing; lots of ECOs, a .25" hole drilled in it, to hold an added
trimpot! with lots of wiggly wires. ALso the PCB layout doesn't
match the drawings (schematic at least mostly does) so it's likely
an early rev or something. I hope this means that it's the only
thing with blue-death caps on it. I can hope can't I?)

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