breaking into an RSX-11M Plus 3.0 system

John A. Dundas III dundas at
Fri Apr 1 11:59:26 CST 2005

At 12:40 PM -0500 4/1/05, dvcorbin at wrote:
>  > I don't have the password for an RSX11 install I have on a used RD53.
>>  Anybody know the sequence? Is there something like on VMS where
>>  you give a bootpart to be able to interrupt startup and use an
>>  altauth ?
>>  regards,
>>  heinz
>IIRC [I worked alot more on 11-M than on M-Plus... and it was over 
>15 years ago...].....
>While the startup script is running you should be ablse to press 
>Ctrl-C to abort it. If the sys manager did not put in good error 
>handlers, it will leave you at an MCR prompt....A cleaner 
>alternative is to enter Ctrl-Z when prompted for the date and time 
>during startup....RMMV

I am by no means an expert on RSX but it is my recollection also that 
this was the way to break in.  A judicious ^C during startup at the 
console, particularly in V3.2 and prior, would let you in.  Not sure 
about V4.0 and later; that issue may have been addressed.

Might need to do an ATL to see the active tasks and an ABO of one or 
more tasks once at the MCR prompt.


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