Sparc5 bits wanted

James Fogg James at
Fri Apr 1 07:22:56 CST 2005

> While clearing out the soon-to-be dining room where all my stuff has 
> been stored for the last couple of years I found a Sparc5 that I'd 
> completely forgotten about. It's been completely robbed of 
> bits that I can see - memory, floppy drive, CD, HDD - so what's the 
> minimum I can get away with before at least powering it up to see if
> works? The only spare memory I've got is PC100 (may even be PC66) 
> 168-pin DIMMS.

The memory is almost unique. I have some of it in small-stick size (32M
sticks I think - the smaller of the two that work).

The disks are SCA interface normal SCSI with a special disk carrier - I
have both.

You can stick a serial terminal on port A and if there is no keyboard
attached it will default to serialA as the system console.

>>> I'm in the US but I bought a whole box of 50 brackets for $20.  I
could send you one.

Take this guy up on his offer- I don't have that many as spare.

>Assuming it does work does anyone have a floppy and CD spare for this

Normal SCSI CDROM with 512 byte block option (plextors are beautiful for

The SS5, esp. with the 170mhz processor, is a lovely example of early
Sun SPARC processor technology. The last of the 32 bitters and an
example of good clean design. All my Suns are 64 bit, with an Ultra 60
as my high-end workstation, but I keep a few SS5's around just because
they are so neat.

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