Have You Protected Your Collection?

David V. Corbin dvcorbin at optonline.net
Fri Apr 1 23:18:22 CST 2005

>> On Behalf Of Billy Pettit

>>He left most of his estate to his church.  The fanzines were left to a
>>University collection.  He mentioned this is letters and conversations -
>>but not in the will.

>>But probate ruled that the church gets everything since it wasn't in the 
>>will.  The church wass fighting to keep the stuff because they smell big 

If they smell money, they are unlikely to scrap it off the top. They should
be contacted...

>>So the collection now is lost to the group that would appreciate it 
>>most. I know of two major collections of science fiction lost the same 

See above...were they really lost???

>>One of them was original art worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sounds like money to me..

This does not changer the fact that you NEED to document your desires to
make sure the person (o organization) YOU WANT gets your posessions...

But it its CRITICAL to differentiate something which is lost/DESTROYED from
something that merely goes to a different destination..

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