Corrosion pains

John Foust jfoust at
Mon Apr 4 07:19:31 CDT 2005

At 09:27 PM 4/3/2005, Parker, Kevin wrote:
>I noted when moving stuff around on the weekend that some corrosion has
>set into DB plugs and PS2 connectors etc. 

I was hunting for odd bits in my piles the other night and was
shocked at the decay of several plastic parts.  The ends of a 
set of GPIB cables for an old CBM disk drive were covered in a
white powder coating - not mold, but slow decay of the plastic.
Other plastic bits went from flexible to stiff to the point
of breakage.  This is in a heated basement.  The humidity
might be a bit higher than I want, but I do run a dehumidifier
in the maximum of summer.  It's never damp enough to rust metal.
I wonder if ozone is a concern.  I do have two Proliant 
servers running down there.

My kids wanted to see a Commodore 64 in action.  It took me a 
while to find a combo to get from RCA to cable (F?), and sadly 
it didn't work well on a TV with today's automatic tuning.  
The sound was barely audible.  Clearly I needed a cheaper TV.  
I couldn't find (and didn't remember if I ever had) the Y/c / 
audio cable for the C-64.

- John

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