Collect all Macs? was Re: Mac OS 9.1 now a free download

Witchy witchy at
Mon Apr 4 09:30:11 CDT 2005

> It's well offtopic, but I recently got a beige G3 - either a 233MHz or
> 266MHz, can't really remember.  Anyway, I installed Mac OSX 10.2 on it,
> and it goes really well.  Turning off anti-aliasing improved things a
> bit, but it was quite usable even with it.

I think yours must be a 266, purely because I've got a 233 that's sluggish
even with (I think) 384mb RAM and OS9. One of my customers has some 266s
on the shelf and they seem much quicker for some reason, even with less
I wouldn't mind sticking OSX on mine just to see how it runs!


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