OT: Removing Electrolytic cap residue

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Tue Apr 5 17:58:22 CDT 2005

> I don't know, but my solution to this has been to replace the affected
> motherboards.  Those capacitors really are necessary for the board to
> be reliable, as they are part of the power supply for the internal CPU
> operating voltage.  If some of them went bad, you can be pretty sure that
> the rest will too, so they all need to be replaced.  The local surplus
> places have old motherboards for about $20; the cost of a set of new
> capacitors is more than that.  When I factor in my time to replace them,
> it would even be cost-effective to buy a brand new motherboard.

This assumes, though, that the capacitors on that replacement motherboard 
are of reasonable qulaity. Personally, I'd probably replace the 
capacitors anyway on any second-hand motherboard before they caused any 
problems. A handful of electrolytics are a lot cheaper than the time 
wasted and hassle casued if the machien fails at the wrong moment.


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