MFM/RLL data recovery

Jim Leonard trixter at
Tue Apr 5 14:49:36 CDT 2005

Ryan Underwood wrote:
> Anyway, I switched to a straight through connection.  I tried the
> Miniscribe drives with the 27X and the ST-238R with both the 27X and the

Wait -- the Miniscribes are MFM, yes?  You should be testing them with the WD 
controller, not the RLL controller.

Also, since you're testing on a 386, go into the 386's BIOS and make sure that 
the 386 isn't trying to map something into the ROM address space that the 
controllers are trying to use (ie see if it's possible to relocate the 386's 
onboard IDE controller BIOS location, if it has one -- my Dell 316sx works like 
this, for example... can also relocate video ROM location too).

If you exhaust all options, send me the MFM drive -- I have a 100% working 
WD1002 system set up right now with an ST-225 and could take a look at it for you.
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