rx01 w/o controller board

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 11:44:16 CDT 2005

On Apr 6, 2005 9:49 AM, Ashley Carder <wacarder at usit.net> wrote:
> > > the connection from the controller board (UNIBUS or QBUS) is a
> > > straight cable AFAIK. The RX01 and RX02 exist as a table top box and
> > > uses a DB25 connector to the controller.

> I believe that the DB25 is only used on the tabletop version, which has
> the usual rack-mount RX01/RX02 mounted inside a nice tabletop box.
> Inside the box the ribbon cable coming from the RX01/RX02 boards
> connects to an adapter that converts it to a DB25 connector.

Yes.  The rack-mounted drives take a 40-pin cable back to the
controller (RX11, RX21, RXV11, RXV21, RX8E)

The other place one sees DB25 drive interfaces is with DECmates. 
AFAIK, the same board that's inside the tabletop enclosure is what's
under the wood-grain laminate pedestal top, serving the same
purpose... adapting the external DB25 to the internal 40-pin Berg

DECmate Is and MINC-11s both come ready to attach to DB25 drives (the
MINC has a DB25-Berg cable that goes right in to the RXV21, and the
DECmate I has a DC37 drive connector on the edge of the CPU board that
connects to either one or two DB25s depending on which cable one has).

In all cases, though, the drives themselves have a 40-pin Berg
connector on the uppermost board of their two board set.  With the
exception of the DECmate I (and possibly DECmate II as I have never
seen its 8" drive interface), all DEC controllers have a 40-pin Berg
at the controller end.  It's just that there may be a transition cable
between the controller and the outside world.


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