LaserWriter Plus

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Apr 6 18:35:11 CDT 2005

> Looking around the local salvation army, I spotted a LaserWriter plus. 
> I've searched the archives and discovered it's a PostScript enabled laser
> printer with RS-442 interface.  It seems.  No disucssion of the "plus"
> specifically.  If it helps, there was a DB-25, a DE-9 and small (4? 6?)
> dip switch on the back (that I remember, I don't remember any mini-DIN).
> I'd be interested in having a "real" postscript printer.  But I'd like to
> test it before buying.  
> - Is there a way to print a test page w/o pluging into a computer?

IIRC it's based on the Canon CX engine. In which case there should be an 
engine test button above the connector panel. Pressing that will get it 
to print a page of vertical lines. That proves the mechanism is working, 
and the 'DC controller board', but doesn't tekk you anything about the 
state of the formatter board.

> - Can this be interface to a straight PC?  If the DB-25 is RS-232, I'd
> assume so.


> - Is toner readily available?

If I'm right that it's a CX engine, the toner is next-to-impossible to 
get. Canon stopped making toner cartridges for this machine about 6 years 
ago. There were trade-in deals IIRC from Canon and HP, but they weren't a 
lot of use if what you had was a CX-VDO (the formetter-less version, 
direct interface to the DC controller, used on some workstations like the 

I can tell you how to repair the CX engine should you decide to get it...


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