rx01 w/o controller board

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Wed Apr 6 18:57:55 CDT 2005

> I was surprised to read that the two boards are somehow matched. That is
> a pity because I have two *sets*, and since one board has a rather high
> connector (relative to the other components on that board, and the other
> board is a bit smaller, I have put those two boards together. So there
> is a chance that they are kept as a set togethre but I am not 100% sure.

They're not matched in the sense that a particular controller board is 
set to work with a particular read/write board. Any (say) RX01 controller 
with work with any RX01 read/write board.

What you can't do is mix a controller from an RX01 with a read/write 
board from an RX02 or vice versa. You'd realise this if you tried to do 
it, the RX01 uses a cable with 16 pin DIP headers to link the boards, the 
RX02 uses a cable with 20 pin BERG connectors. 

[Controller == the top board, hinged ot the chassis, read/write == the 
lower board that the drives plug into]

> I have also a complete power supply, but it is wired for Europe, that is,
> it is set for 230/240 VAC 50 Hz.  I don't know if there are taps on the
> transformer to make it work at 110 V.  Neither if it can cope with 60 Hz.

There is some kind of voltage selection done by the cable that links the 
15 pin AMP socket on the back of the PSU to the drive motors and fan. I 
can't rememebr if you can strap a 230V PSU for 115V though.

What I can rememebr is that this darn thing uses a ferroresonant 
transformer, and that the conversion between 50Hz and 60Hz is 
non-trivial. I seem to remember it involves a transformer swap.

Of course once you've got the PSU sorted out, you then need to replace 
the drive motor pulleys if you're going between 50Hz and 60Hz...


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