Unix on old-ish machines - advice sought

Stan Barr stanb at dial.pipex.com
Wed Apr 6 15:08:05 CDT 2005


Dan Williams said:

> No Flame wars.....
> But unless you get an old microvax running ultrix, vaxen run better
> with vms. If you want to run unix cheaply you are better off with an
> older Sun or HP machine, you can get these cheap (less then 100) from
> ebay. Also you get the choice of  running *bsd as well. You can also
> get sgi machines cheaply but the os is harder to come by.

That is an option I am considering, especially an hp, but that's more a 
"take it home, plug it in and go" thing and where's the fun in that :-)

I'd like to try vms, but I know nothing about it never having run across
it, but I've use unix on-and-off since the SVR3 days - besides the vms 
licencing looks a bit of a palaver...

Stan Barr  stanb at dial.pipex.com

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