New find & HP-UX p/w? was: Re: RGB-to-VGA adapter

Steve Robertson steerex at
Sat Apr 9 08:14:42 CDT 2005

> One method that has been reported to work once out of five times or so
> is to let hpux boot all the way to the login prompt, power-cycle the
> computer and drives, and when it reboots and starts fsck-ing the
> disks (there should be a /etc/bcheckrc: " message on the console)
> repeatedly type ctrl-C, ctrl-\ or shift-(DEL/ESC)  (DEL/ESC is a key on the
> left side of HP-HIL keyboards).  I don't remember the exact key combination
> that was used, but it did work once for me about ten years ago with hpux 9.0
> and a model 380; it interrupts and gives you a single user prompt.
> Just finish fsck-ing stuff, mount -a and edit the /etc/passwd file.

If you can't ctrl-c and get to a prompt, try disconnecting the drive
cable during fsck. It should time-out leaving you in single user mode.
When you get a prompt, reconnect the cable and mount the drive.

It's also possible to mount the drive in another working system and edit
the /etc/passwd file.

See yas,

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