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Sun Apr 10 16:55:31 CDT 2005

> > I am looking for the origional GW-Basic Compiler what would you like

On Sun, 10 Apr 2005, Scott Stevens wrote:
> GW-Basic is an interpreter (run-time compilation).
> My understanding is that it was originally part of MS-DOS.  PC-DOS from
> IBM had BASIC and BASICA, which relied on the ROM BASIC in a True Blue
> system.
> I have the IBM Basic Compiler 1.0,
aka "BASCOM"

> also the IBM Pascal Compiler 1.0, in
> IBM slipcovers with manuals.  They go nicely with my PC-DOS 1.0.  I'm
> not looking to trade them, though.
> Doesn't the GW in GW-Basic stand for Graphics Workstation?
It very well might, but the author of the MS/IBM Pascal Compiler
told me that it stood for "Gee Wiz".  He also told me to NOT use
the Pascal compiler's runtime library.

> really where the BASIC interpreter with this name originates?  I know
> Microsoft produced a lot of other BASIC versions that predate MS-DOS.

The CP/M BASIC was NOT named "GW".

> Please correct any of the above.  I am not an authority on any of this.
None of us are.  Particularly not the ones who claim to be.

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