Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 1.0

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Mon Apr 11 21:23:19 CDT 2005

On Apr 11, 2005 5:03 PM, Patrick Finnegan <pat at> wrote:
> Announcing:
> *****************************************************
> *                                                   *
> *  VCF / Midwest 1.0 "Lite"                         *
> *                                                   *
> *  Sat-Sun, May 28-29                               *
> *  Purdue University: West Lafayette, Indiana 47907 *

Ahhh!!! What an _awful_ weekend to pick!  I'm sure it was easy to line
up convention space, but most people have *plans* Memorial Day

I would love to be able to support a VCF, especially one that's 4
hours from my house.  There's so much *stuff* I could bring to exhibit
(not interested in selling much).  As it is, I have to choose between
a *huge* science fiction convention (MarCON) that I give science
lectures at, and one of the biggest medieval events of the year, near

It doesn't help that I might be working in Madison, WI, by then (30
minutes further away than from Columbus, OH, where I live).  I should
know in the next week or so when my start date is.  If I _am_ in
Madison, West Lafayette is at least a lot closer, but then I have to
pay for a hotel that otherwise wouldn't be in my budget.

On the off chance that I will be available to attend VCF Midwest, what
do the exhibit spaces look like?  I would be able to bring DEC
equipment (like a PDP-8/e perhaps, or at least an SBC-6120 with front
panel), and I certainly would be able to bring a *number* of 1802
systems (Quest Elf, Micro/Elf, Poptronics Elf, Spare Time Gizmos
Elf2K, MSI 88/e, Studio II, RCA terminal, COSMAC VIP) because they are
small and fit in a rather small box.

I also have a large quantity of larger DEC systems, but if I'm in
Madison, I won't have that stuff with me.  I plan to bring the 1802
stuff with me to work on when I'm not _at_ work, as well as the
SBC-6120.  The PDP-8/e is a real maybe, since I'm presently working on
getting it running with a modern RX01 interface that attaches to the
Posibus.  I _might_ take that with me to Madison (-8/e and table-top
RX02 plus small VT320-compatible terminal)

If someone else is going to be there with lots of DEC equipment, I can
certainly give mine a pass.

Please let me know how the exhibits are shaping up in case the events
of the next few weeks shape my Memorial Day weekend to the middle of


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