Navtel 9460 Protocol Analyzer info?

Steve Robertson steerex at
Tue Apr 12 13:16:10 CDT 2005

> >I happen to have a Atlantic Research Inc, serial datascope.  It contains
> >several boards [std bus z80, rom/ram card, CRT5027 based crt controller Card]
> >however no manual.  Someday I'll track down at least a schematic and fix
> >the CRT. The boards say T-bar on them so the instument may even be from
> >another company with the ACI label.  It would be fun to get it operational.
>    Steve Robertson has a working Atlantic Research datascope. He picked it
> up at the Orlando Hamfest a couple of years ago and I THINK he got the
> manual for it also. You might check with him.
>     Joe

	I have a working Atlantic Research "COMSTATE I" but, no user manual.
Not sure if this is the datascope I got at the hamfest or not. There
might be another AR scope one in the warehouse.

	This particular unit is a Z80 SBC not STD BUS. There are three
additional 64K RAM cards in the unit but the backup batteries are fried.
Sooner or later, I'll get around to replacing them.

	I looked through my STD BUS docs but could not find any docs for that
particular CRT controller card. If I find them, I'll let you know.  

See ya,

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