plastic "push rivets"??

C Fernandez fernande at
Wed Apr 13 16:34:01 CDT 2005


It may be a long shot since you say these are smalller than normal, but 
you might try a shop that supplies autobody shops.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Jay West wrote:

> I'm not sure what these things are called... but I need some. I'm 
> calling them plastic "push rivets", where a plastic plunger pushes 
> through a collar with 3 or 4 plastic legs. These legs break off.
> All the ones I've seen so far are a pretty common size. However, the 
> ones I need two of at the moment are slightly smaller than that. 
> Specifically, these are the two plastic push rivets from an HP 264X 
> terminal that hold the metal cover over the CRT.
> Anyone ever find a source for these? Both my local electronics places 
> came up empty.
> Regards,
> Jay West

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