plastic "push rivets"??

J. David Bryan jdbryan at
Thu Apr 14 10:51:55 CDT 2005

On 13 Apr 2005 at 18:25, Jay West wrote:

> I'd recommend others check out this places' [McMaster-Carr's] online
> catalog.  [...]  They seem to have it all. 

If I was stuck on an deserted island with one catalog, and UPS could do air 
drops, the McMaster catalog is the one I'd pick.  Their paper catalog runs 
to 3500+ pages (7.5 pounds), their nearest warehouse to me is 120 miles 
away, and I can place an order for darn-near anything at 8 PM one night and 
have it in my hands by noon the next day with ground shipping.

My last order of 13 items included case-hardened flat washers for milling 
machine clamps, a threaded ball valve, a corner-rounding end mill, a tube 
of acrylic cement, one foot of 2-inch by 5-inch rectangular aluminum tube, 
a needle file, and a lithium battery.  Everything was in stock, and they 
arrived the next day all in the same box.  I'll be ordering several types 
of foam rubber to restore my HP 7925 disc drive shortly (they list a dozen 
pages of foam rubbers).  My experience with them over a number of years has 
been uniformly excellent.

Their warehouse must be something else (unless there is more call for 
corner-rounding end mills and rectangular tubing than I imagine :-).

                                      -- Dave

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