Oscilloscope question

Joe R. rigdonj at cfl.rr.com
Fri Apr 15 12:24:18 CDT 2005

At 11:59 AM 4/15/05 -0400, Paul wrote:
>>>>>> "Mike" == Mike Loewen <mloewen at cpumagic.scol.pa.us> writes:
> Mike> On Thu, 14 Apr 2005, CRC wrote:
> >> If you wander over to <https://www.logsa.army.mil/pubs.htm> and
> >> click on "Electronic Technical Manuals (ETMs) Online" (acceptance
> >> of the loss of your first-born is required) you will find a wealth
> >> of manuals for older test gear. The 465 service and calibration
> >> manuals are there in PDF (with hyperlinks!).
> Mike> The bit about authorized Defense Department use was enough to
> Mike> scare me off.
>Just read the description of what they mean by that.  Large quantities
>of DoD materials are available to the public, so you're authorized to
>use it.

    My understanding is that if the government pays for them then they
become public property. Accordingly you USED to be able to buy just about
any non-secret military manual from the Government Printing office in
Boulder, Colorado. I expect these fall into the same catagory. My father
ordered tons of radio manuals from the GPO when I was a kid. The hard part
was that you had to have the exact name and publication number. I don't
know if you still order them from the GPO or not.


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