SMS FWD 0101 disk/floppy info?

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Sat Apr 16 17:01:56 CDT 2005

>Anyone have any info on an 8" hard drive + 8" floppy combo which
>appears to be an "SMS FWD 0101"?
>I believe this was used with a qbus system.  I don't have the controller
>card however, just the box and a 50 pin cable :-)
>The floppy looks like 8" double sided.  The HD is 8" (been a while since
>I've seen one of those).
>I'd love to find the mating QBUS controller card.
>The large card on top of the hd & floppy appears to have an 2901 and
>an 8085 as well as other fun chips.
>(I just gotta stop clicking on those blue underlined words ;-)

The odds are there isn't a Q-Bus controller, even though the system 
it probably came out of would have had a Q-Bus.  Confused yet? :^) 
Is the 8" floppy by any chance a "Tandon Model TM848-2E" or "Model 
YD-180"?  I'm guessing what you have is out of an SMS-1000 PDP-11 
based computer.  They had their own board for the I/O, and the Q-Bus 
plugged into that.

You can find a few pages from the manual (everything I have) at:


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