HP-2116A chassis (or repairing cast aluminum)

William Maddox wmaddox at pacbell.net
Sat Apr 16 17:49:26 CDT 2005

Tim Riker wrote:

> 3) Thoughts on repairing the chassis? I could bondo, superglue, epoxy,
> silversolder, etc. the pieces together, and add a plate behind it
> attached with countersunk screws. Would not be very visible once the
> panels are put back. I have the two side panels and the bottom panel,
> but no top panel. Thoughts on which would work best?

I think your best bet is welding.  I believe that welding aluminum
requires special equipment.  A guy at my office does something called
TIG welding for his robotics projects.  I think the weld can be sunk
into the material and ground smooth afterwards, giving a nice
appearance.  It will probably be expensive to have this done, however.
A bolted on plate would work as well, though you'd probably want
something on both sides, and it would probably not look as nice.
Forget about adhesives -- I expect they'd be pretty worthless in this
situation.  If it were my machine, I'd take it around to a few good
metal shops and see what they could do or would recommend.


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