TCF goodies

chris cb at
Sat Apr 16 23:37:29 CDT 2005

I went to the Trenton Computer Fest today. I didn't get over to the MARCH 
table, sorry. I did see John Allain however, but down the end of a row, 
and by the time I got down there to say hi, I lost track of him.

Back to the point. I picked up a pair of NeXT slabs for $2 each. I think 
even Sellam would agree that is a good price ;-)

One is a Turbo the other is a Color. No idea yet was is in them other 
than visually, there is a floppy drive and a hard drive. I've never 
played with a NeXT, and at that price, I wasn't going to ask many 

The Turbo has a DA-15 connector that looks like a Mac RGB connector. Is 
it compatible with Mac monitors? The Color has a connector that I don't 
know what it is called, but looks like a Sun monitor connector. Is it 
compatible with those monitors? I'm crossing my fingers for a yes on both 
counts since I have both available to me already.

And to verify, the keyboard/mouse uses ADB correct? These slabs were just 
the computer, nothing else. (although I did find a guy that had a NeXT 
mouse, but he was holding it to sell with his MacTV and wouldn't part 
with it. I considered getting the MacTV, but since I got one from John a 
while back, I decided against spending the $50 since it didn't have any 
docs, software, cables, keyboard, remote, or the correct mouse).

The only other thing I picked up that might be of interest to this group 
is some kind of video conferencing terminal. I don't know anything about 
it at all yet, I wasn't actually interested in it, but the guy said if I 
took it away right then, I could have it for free, so I took it simply 
because it looked cool.

Over all, I was a little disappointed this year in the items available. 
It is only the 2nd time I've gone, the first was two years ago, and I 
remembered there being far more vendors with a better selection. This 
year was a bunch of so-so priced used PCs, TONS of old laptops, and some 
over priced used Macs. I was surprised I couldn't find a decent deal on a 
rack mount PC server, or much in the way of RJ-45 patch panels (I needed 
two 72 port ones, I was able to find two 48 port ones at an ok price, and 
that was about it). Its possible that some of the vendors just weren't 
there yet or fully unpacked, I was there from about 10 am to 12:30. I 
also didn't go indoors anywhere, so I may have missed a bunch of other 
dealers (I had limited time today as I had to be back home by 2, and it 
takes about 1.5 hours on the drive).

Anyone else get anything of interest? Oh, and Hi John, since I didn't get 
to say it to you today. :-)


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