HP-2116A chassis (or repairing cast aluminum)

Allison ajp166 at bellatlantic.net
Sun Apr 17 12:01:18 CDT 2005

>Subject: Re: HP-2116A chassis (or repairing cast aluminum)
>   From: gordonjcp at gjcp.net

>> I think your best bet is welding.  I believe that welding aluminum
>> requires special equipment.  A guy at my office does something called
>> TIG welding for his robotics projects.

Aluminum can be direct welded but it's harder to do and many shops
will resort to TIG as it gives cleaer results.

Once you alloy magnesium more than 25% with anything ti's tendancy 
to burn like a torch drops ways off.  I've done most Aluminum 
alloys using TIG and the preferd torch is the single arc (Arc to work)
and the prefered gas either argon or helium.  When done with He the 
process gets called heliarc.  I've done both.  In both cases you need
a TIG rig and inert gas.  Many welding shops worth their salt can do 
this. But often charge by the hour for a one off. It helps of you've 
done all the prep so they can hook up and go.  A good TIG weld should
require minimal refinishing to look good.

Don't forget a lot of trucks and trailers these days have a lot of 
Aluminum and they do get repairs so the skills are out there.

Due to costs, I'd seriously first try to fine a stripped chassis first.


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