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>> >- HP 9134A: The unit is appears on the HPIB bus but
>> >doesn't identify itself correctly. From the HP64000
>> >side I get a 'NO DISC' error when I try to format
>> it.
>>   I don't know about the 64000 but the HP9000 200s
>> and 300s display a list
>> of drives during bootup. Does the 64000 do that and
>> does it show the drive?
>When you boot the 64000 off the first two diskettes in
>the operating system set, it checks the HP-IB for any
>devices attached. If there are no devices attached,
>you get instructions displayed that state that AMIGO
>devices - and it names the 9134A - need to be set as
>address 0. With the drive attached at 0 , it reports
>the 64000 itself, and an unrecognized device at
>address 0.
  The Amigo protocall is for floppy disk drives! It must expect one of the
9134s with the option (option 100?) to make it look like four floppy diks
drives (usually HP 9895s). If it wants the Amigo protocall try hanging a HP
9121 drive on it. They're relatively common and usually cheap since they're
only SS drives.

>> On a 200 or 300 if you press any key druing boot it
>> will stop the system
>> from booting an OS but it will go through the search
>> for drives and display
>> a list of drives and OSs.
>I have a untried 9000/300 unit that I picked up last
>year. Perhaps I could try using that to test with.
>Will a 9000/300 try to boot without a keyboard
>attached ? 

   Yes IIRC but without a keyboard you can't pause the boot process so if
the drive has a bootable OS it will boot to the first OS that it finds. If
it doesn't find an OS it will stop with a list of the attached drives
displayed. Personally I always check any drives that I get on several
systems to see if they have a useable OS. I'd hate to lose an OS because I
reformatted the drive without seeing if it had an OS that I could use for
another system.

Of course it would hard to press a key to
>stop the boot sequence without having a keyboard
>attached <g>.
>>   Is this one of the old wide biege units or one of
>> the newer square white
>> ones? >
>It's the big beige unit. There's no fault light on it,
>just the power light and the disk activity light.
>Just to see what would happen, I hooked it up to an
>HP-1631 and went through the Storage menu to see what
>it detected on the bus. I can see the activity light
>coming on when the 1631 tries to access the unit.
>>    I have a couple of those cards and I'm pretty
>> sure that I have the
>> manual and software SOMEWHERE but I have no idea if
>> I can find it. If you
>> ind them from another source, let me know.
>The Zia Tech unit is less of a card and more of a
>programmer's panel sort of device. 

   That sounds more like the HP HP-IB bus analyzer. Does the panel look
like either one of these?

   I have a couple of non-HP ones but they all look VERY similar and I'm
sure that they all opeate the same.  I do have the manual for the HP one
but IIRC it really didn't give much in the way of instructions. I think
they assume that the user already knows a lot about how HP-IB works.

It has a couple of
>rows of switches and lights that correspond to the
>data lines and some of the HP-IB commands. It doesn't
>seem to have any address setting capability on the
>outside of the box. Maybe there's a DIP switch inside
>or something. Looks fun though.

   It wouldn't have an address switch since it merely monitors the bus.
Yeah, it sounds like you have something equivilent to the HP analyzer.


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