Questions - Universe/68, HP-9134A,VT420 composite video

David Comley david_comley at
Mon Apr 18 14:27:14 CDT 2005

--- "Joe R." <rigdonj at> wrote:
> 9134s with the option (option 100?) to make it look
> like four floppy diks
> drives (usually HP 9895s

Well - the unit has two sets of address switches on
the back, one labeled fixed disc address and one
labeled flexible disc address. Not that there's a
flexible drive installed though. Does that flexible
disc address come in to play if the unit is configured
as 4 x 1.15MB drives ? Perhaps I need to set that
address instead.

>    That sounds more like the HP HP-IB bus analyzer.
> Does the panel look
> like either one of these?

Hmmm- the eBay ones look like real test equipment.
They have real displays and things. No, the one I got
looks like two rows each of 8 switches and LEDs
stuffed into a plastic project box with some dry print
lettering on the front. Nothing near as nice as the
ones on eBay. But for $2 it will do a turn. If I had a
digital camera I'd put up a picture somewhere. Must
look into that.


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