quality of writeable optical media

Barry Watzman Watzman at neo.rr.com
Tue Apr 19 09:29:04 CDT 2005

With regard to DVD-R media, FWIW, I've had surprising and unexpected
consistently high quality performance with the "K-Hypermedia" DVD-R media
sold by OfficeMax (on very few occasions, I've seen this brand at other
retailers, but mostly at OfficeMax).  I expected this to be a cheap
off-brand, but I've been using it for almost 3 years now, hundreds of
pieces, on several different burners, and I've had consistently excellent
results (including, so far, good data retention and readability as much as
2-3 years later).  And it's relatively cheap when it's on sale (often).  And
I've had a few other people who are more than casually into optical media
(people formerly associated with Roxio) report the same finding on this
brand.  Note, this applies only to the Blue silk-screen DVD-R media, 1x, 2x
and 4x.  They make (or should I say sell) other media, both DVD+ and CD, but
I've had no experience with any of the other types.

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