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Tue Apr 19 12:31:46 CDT 2005

LOL, I just sent the same reply, but accidentally as evan947 at yahoo... So
disregard when it comes through the list in some distant future...

Although I do remember another good store in Cambridge or Somerville, can't
recall the name right now.

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And thusly John Allain spake:
> One goodie that I got this weekend was just virtual, that is, it was 
> information on equipment and not actual equipment.  The person said to 
> go in Massachusetts to somewhere around Dedham, near the intersections 
> of route 3 and 128.  There I would see an electronics dealer near the 
> highway?  Assuming the guy meant route 93, anybody have the name of a 
> likely business near there?
> John A.


	The only electronics dealer I know of near 95/128 is You Do It
Electronics.  Their website is

	But this isn't at the intersection of 128 and rt 3.


Bryan Pope

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