Tony Duell ard at
Tue Apr 19 17:48:39 CDT 2005

> The 11/730 (and 11/725) CPU rivals the MicroVAX-I for slowness (one is
> 30% as fast as a 780, one is 40% as fast), but is a solid machine.  We

It has one other advantage for people like me. It's one of only 2 series 
of VAXen (the other being the 11/780 + derivatives) that is built from 
standard chips. The 11/730 is mostly non-protected PALs, AMD2901s, etc. 
OK, there are _2_ custom chips, the ECC correcting logic IIRC, but most 
of it is hackable.

If you don't have space for an 11/780, then the 11/730 (and its brother 
the 11/725) is about the only choice for a hardware hacker.


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