HP 2000/Access 21MX-EEEEEEE version :>

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Tue Apr 19 15:33:00 CDT 2005

Just booted it up and it runs wonderfully :)

So, the IOP firmware for the E series has not only been found, but confirmed 
to work! It was so neat to type "HEL-A000..." on a terminal this morning. 
The dual E's are noticeably faster than my dual 2100 Access system, but not 
as much faster as I would have expected. Odd, since the processors are 
significantly faster, and using the high performance memory option.

The basement doesn't heat up quite as much running on two E's as opposed to 
two 2100A/S. Also, I seem to be able to run it indefinitely without tripping 
a circuit breaker. Nifty! I ran in to lots of cpu problems this morning, and 
had to go through every one of my 21MX-E spare cpu's to get a working 
combination. Yikes - makes me wish I hadn't given away all my E's.

At some point in the future I should probably try the M series firmware 
board, just to be sure that works as well.

I also wound up having to scavenge some parts from my 2100 Access system to 
get the MXE Access system up. Bummer! Hopefully some trades will produce the 
necessary stuff to have both operational. Yup, I'm pondering some RJE setup 
between the two :) Oh, except I apparently only have one set of processor 
interconnect cables, thought I had two :\ Making up THOSE cables will suck.

Anyways... just wanted to let folks know that the E series IOP firmware is 
definitely a go. The biggest problem I had was trying to figure out how to 
set up the FAB board. I'd really have preferred to go the FEM route, but 
Access is so hard-coded in the system processor side of things.


Jay West 

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