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Tue Apr 19 21:28:02 CDT 2005

On Tue, 19 Apr 2005, Joe R. wrote:

>   Mine doesn't. I bought seven HP 64000s a couple of years ago and none of
> them had the problem. Their (the 64000s) CRTs were all made by Clinton but
> they were still perfect. However they were stored on the second floor of a
> large barn like building and it was bone dry. However it was un-air
> conditioned and within site of the Atlantic coast. I don't know the history
> of any of the other systems that I got except for the first HP9845. It had
> been stored in a cheap leaky aluminium shed for a number of years and it's
> CRT was full of spots. My Soroc came from a surplus store and it's CRT is
> perfect but the store had just gotten it and I have no idea where it came
> from before that.

My stuff has always been stored in dry areas with fairly stable
temperatures year round so who knows.

Another computer that gets affected that I just remembered is the Imlac.
My Imlac has it bad, and Tom Uban's has it as well.


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