Got the HP9k system booted! was: New find & HP-UX p/w?

Randy McLaughlin cctalk at
Wed Apr 20 00:12:21 CDT 2005

From: "Steve Robertson" <steerex at>
Sent: Sunday, April 03, 2005 4:46 PM
>> Interrupt
>> (in bcheckrc) # <blockcursor>"
>> Was that block cursor the single user prompt??
> YOU'RE IN! At this point the system is running in single user mode.
> You've got root permissions.
> Don't <cntrl-D> until you've changed the root password.
> NOTE: I don't have my HPUX system running so, you might want to get some
> additional input here. I think you have two choices. You can either edit
> "/etc/passwd" removing the root password or you can create a new user.
> I'd try to create a new user giving that user root permissions. Then you
> can reboot and login as the new user. Since that user has root
> permissions, he can change any of the passwords including root's.
> See ya,
> SteveRob

I am also ignorant about HPUX but I would assume the easiest thing to do 
would be to change the root password:

Try typing 'passwd root' and see if it asks for a new password, if not then 
'vi /etc/passwd' and remove the root password (it should be encrypted) if 
it's not encrypted just change it.

If you are not familiar with vi Linux has a clone and should 
have the commands, it's easy and exists on most UNIX systems and UNIX 
clones.  Typing 'd' then hitting the spacebar deletes the character under 
the cursor, typing ':w!' saves the file, ':q' exits (colon, lowercase w, 
explanation point & colon lowercase q).

Adding a user and giving it root permissions takes more effort.


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