"Futuredomain" 8bit SCSI (??)

Jim Leonard trixter at oldskool.org
Wed Apr 20 13:36:22 CDT 2005

Andrew Jones wrote:
> I've never heard of the store selling it, I've never heard of the 
> company manufacturing it, but there you have it.  A new-old-stock 
> eight-bit ISA SCSI card.
> Does anyone think this is on the level?

Most definitely, as I have a few.

I also have a CorelSCSI card, near mint in box with instructional videotape :-) 
and other materials... EXCEPT the driver disks.  I was hoping to use the card 
to hook up a hard drive or even CDROM drive to an old PC, but without the 
drivers it's useless to me.  Does anyone know where I could find the drivers 
for it?

I am willing to part with it, if someone else's need outweighs mine...
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