Microfiche scanning

woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Thu Apr 21 17:20:32 CDT 2005

Pete Turnbull wrote:

>I won't argue with that.  Another thing that occurs to me is that one
>could presumably build something like a fiche viewer over the scanner
>glass; somthing to hold the fiche against a lens and project a
>magnified image onto the scanner glass.  I assume that, in essence, is
>how Al's big fiche scanner works.
I think that has a 50% chance of working as you would have to remove the 
light from the scanner. Also how long does it take to scan ... low cost 
scanners are slow.
Too bad you can't transfer the fitch to film and use a film scanner.
PS. They plan someday to have human DNA recorded ... just how the heck 
will you archive

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