More Auction goodies--More questions

tom ponsford tponsford at
Thu Apr 21 19:35:36 CDT 2005

Hi all,

Picked up some more auction goodies this week!

I have the pdf manual for my 3a, but so far no information on the 5, 
anybody have a link to some online documentation!
Works fine, very clean, bright cursor, no burn-in, no stuck keys and no 
"mold" lol

2 Sony OA-D31V-14
"Doubleheight " 3-1/4 SS 360K floppy drives. The doubleheight as these 
are roughly double the height of a regular 3-/14 floppies(but not "full 
height") I believe these may have been used in  older HP's.
Does naybody know if these are the ones that require a "special" floppy 
disks that have to be manually opened, as the drives do not have a 
mechanism for opening them???

An unopened Caldera Desktop version 1.0 (circa 1995!) LOL



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