Microfiche scanning

Al Kossow aek at spies.com
Fri Apr 22 11:29:26 CDT 2005

It's a shame that many of the fiche-only docs once existed in magtape 
and are now lost.  It would've been easier and less error-prone to
emulate a viewer for old page layout RUNOFF-style markup.  Has there
ever been an anecdote found about why all that data was tossed?


Why is any old media tossed?

The company considers it of no value.

Storage space (as many of us know) is not free. If there is no chance 
the information is needed for future projects or support of existing 
it is discarded.


WRT the scanners that I have, the Mekel is a high resolution transport 
can do step and repeat on all of the frames of the fiche. There is no 
display of the images on the unit, since the steping is done under 

I have some older 3M film/fiche scanners that are manually positioned 
fiche and do automatic scanning of microfilm.

The 3M units are of the type that project onto a screen
and have a camera on the rear of the unit. That is the most common 
for scanners under $10k.

If folks in the Bay Area are interested in the 3M units, I have five 
They would probably be around $500 ea.

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