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On Fri, 22 Apr 2005, Zane H. Healy wrote:

> It's been a *LONG* time since I had any of my Apple //'s running.  I've got
> the following:
> Apple //+
> 2 or 3 Apple //e's
> some Apple //c's, including 2 of the little greenscreen monitors
> 2 Apple //gs's (one has a SCSI adapter)
> I've also got various floppy drives.
> What I'm not sure of is the state of my software.  Currently all of my 5.25"
> Apple // software is on loan to a friend (I don't have much, it's only one
> small box).  I've got a bunch if //gs software, but I'm not sure where.  I
> also have a Powerbook 520c that I can use to read and write 3.5" ProDOS
> floppies.  I think I can also use it to make new System 6 floppies if I
> can't find the ones I have.
> I'm trying to figure out what on earth I should setup.  My real goal is to
> run the following game, on real hardware:
> I'm guessing my best bet, from a space related point of view is to use one
> of the //c's and the small monitor that goes with it.

The Apple //gs has backward compatibility with all the previous Apple ][
models and takes up the same footprint of the Apple //c, plus it's just
the nicest system to have hooked up out of all three.  You can play all
the old stuff and all the new (GS-specific) stuff.

> The question then
> becomes, how on earth does one write emulator images back to real 5.25"
> floppies these days?  I'm guessing my best bet might be to setup a //gs long
> enough to write the floppies.  ISTR, there is a program to transfer them
> over a serial line, but you need a boot floppy for the Apple // to start the
> process (as well as a Super Serial card, which I believe is built into a
> //c).

Look for Apple Disk Transfer or ADT.  There are DOS and Windows versions.
Very nice software.  Transfers via serial port to/from Apple ][ (disk
image from Apple to PC or disk image from PC to Apple disk).  The //gs has
a built-in serial port.  The //c does also but depending on what revision
you have it may be buggy (can't go over a certain baud rate).


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