Crazy Monitor idea for old Home Computers

chris cb at
Fri Apr 22 21:13:33 CDT 2005

>I've done this briefly with my PowerMac 8500 back around 1997, which was
>where I came up with the idea.  The 8500 has the advantage of being able to
>handle both NTSC and PAL signals (not sure what other Mac's succh as yours
>can handle).

The 6500 also did NTSC and PAL. Apple really only made one video input 
setup, they just packaged it onto different cards for the different 

Actually, I used to use my 6500 to convert PAL videos to NTSC. I used a 
PAL VCR to feed the signal into the PowerMac, then played the video in 
full screen mode, and connected its NTSC output to another VCR. It worked 
quite well actually, and had the nice side effect of bypassing 
macrovision as well (the 6500 acted as a TBC since its NTSC output wasn't 
really outputting the source video, but rather an image of the computer 
desktop that just happened to have the source video playing in full 


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