Crazy Monitor idea for old Home Computers

Pete Turnbull pete at
Sat Apr 23 03:31:59 CDT 2005

On Apr 22 2005, 17:34, Zane H. Healy wrote:
> > People might think that your next step is to replace your vintage
> > computers with simulators.
> Trust me, I gave that some serious thought.  I'm not about to give up
> space that my PDP-11's take at home with 8-bit micro's, and I'm
> short on space for more HW.
> The odds are I'll use real monitors, I'm just exploring my options.
> Realistically this is most practical if I decide to setup one of my
> except I think they prefer a different type monitor.

I use a simple 2-way KVM (but only the V part, obviously) switch for my
BBC Micro (PAL composite) and my Exidy Sorcerer (NTSC composite).  And
a second 4-way KVM (again, V part only) for another BBC Micro (using
the RGB output at 50Hz/15kHz), a PC (VGA), another Acorn machine, and
whatever random 4th device want to be viewed.  This one's connected to
a multisync.  So it can be done.  I didn't really expect the KVM switch
to work properly like that, but it did.

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