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This is the old OS named Oasis. I knew Oasis in 1986, in one version for the
Olivetti M-20. I couldn't take the manual and disks before they go to the
dumpster when my old employeer went down (together with one M-20, one AT&T
3b1, some Amstrad PCW's, some Olivetti M-24 and M-28, and so on... all with
software, licenses, and documentation).

Later, Oasis was converted in Theos, and Theos 386. Is a protected system.
Multiuser, well documented, with one SDK. It has a good quantity of users,
but in Spain there is a lot of them. Mostly in pharmacy and supermarkets. In
this last case, it permits to control a lot of POS from one central
computer. It has a multiuser Basic interesting, and the application that I
saw permits even to see online the evolution of the business at minute (of
course I speak of application key-in-hand).

During the eighties there was only MSDOS here.WIndows was good for desktops,
but ever cause some afraid in the business users... Unix was expensive and
nobody knew it at all here, far from the University and Scientific business.
Theos was expensive, but the seller (TISA) came to the buyers of the system
with one system ready-to-use, easy of understand, and well covered for
technical problems. Business didn't discussed about the anti-copy protection
and paid.

I know some system programmer's of Theos here. Very competent people. But
the certain is that they begin to touch other fields of work. In the POS
field, Windoze is entering step by step, even when the text-mode
applications are realized (and purchased) yet.


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> Anybody ever hear of an OS called Theos that ran on the original IBM PC?
> Said to be *nix/CPM-ish but is neither? A friend has an old 5150 with
> this installed on the HD. He wants to copy it off and preserve it.

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