TI/HP hexadecimal LED displays (was Re: Intel Multibus proto board (maybe front panel?) available)

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 15:02:29 CDT 2005

On 4/24/05, Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-04-24 at 06:37 -0400, Ethan Dicks wrote:
> > Ah... much better.  From the picture, just to comment, those look like
> > HP 5082-7340 displays which are electrically compatible with TIL-311s...
> > I'm trying to find a few more genuine TIL-311s to fill up my Elf 2K and
> > my Micro/Elf (6 displays *each*).
> I think I've got 6 of those displays left - I keep on socketing homebrew
> stuff just so I can swap the displays between projects. They look so
> darn cool when they're running! :-)

I'm in the middle of trying to assemble my collection of 1802 boards
to take to VCF Midwest next month.  The ones that _don't_ need
displays are a COSMAC VIP, an RCA ASCII terminal, an RCA Studio II,
and an MSI 88/e portable terminal.  The ones that _do_ take displays
are a Quest Elf, a Micro/Elf, an Elf 2K, a Poptronics Elf, and
optionally a BASCOM board.  I keep thinking I'm going to burn my own
Elf II board (I have the artwork in a magazine article), but the lack
of compatible key switches keeps pushing the project further down the

To populate all those boards, I need a total of 14 displays.  I have
either exactly enough or I'm two short (have to check the parts bin),
and that's _if_ I borrow 4 from an INS8073 board I have.  I used to
buy these things from eBay for like 4/$10, but I haven't seen that guy
selling in a couple of years.


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