my Data General Nova 4/X, disk woes continue

Tom Jennings tomj at
Mon Apr 25 00:02:49 CDT 2005

On Sun, 24 Apr 2005, John Lawson wrote:

>  Drives / packs have been sitting where? for how long? and the System is now 
> operating where?
> Enquiring minds....

Well, I keep it outside. It got wet, but when I turned it on it
made a lot of sparks and got hot, so I figured that would dry it

Actually, it's in my lab. Has a dehumidifier, temp hasn't dropped
below 60.  Papers, fine electronics, machine tools, media and
paper seem happy there.

I honestly don't think it's a media problem. Late Feb/early Mar I
formatted it, and ran it for many hours, with zero defects and no
runtime errors. Plus, the errors are scattered over the disk(1)
and developed all at once. They happen on all four surfaces. The
commonality to all heads made me think R/W electronics, but of
course servo fluctuation or other problem could do that.

I suppose I could remove a head for close examination but I just
don't think all four surfaces got dirty all at once. Head crash
problems are audible!

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