Need good disk dump utility

Eric Smith eric at
Mon Apr 25 17:35:37 CDT 2005

Kevin wrote:
> Another one to look at is dmklib
> That one worked for me to read several Kaypro disks under Linux.
> I think it works the way you expect for bad sectors.

If it gets read errors, it will omit those sectors from the DMK
format output file.  In other words, there will be a "hole" where
that sector should have been.

I don't recall what behavior you get if you ask the rfloppy program
to write a "raw" image, or run the DMK image through dmk2raw.  If I
was thinking straight when I wrote it, I think the correct behavior
would have been to put zeros in the raw image and write a warning
message to stderr, but I might not have taken the time to code that.

Glad to hear that it's been useful to someone!  I wrote it when I
needed to read some TRS-80 Color Computer OS-9 disks, and some
Xerox 6085 disks, and various DEC RX01 8-inch disks.  Unfortunately
PC disk controllers are not capable of reading DEC RX02 double-density
8-inch disks, as DEC used a non-standard encoding (a modified form
of MFM, though not M2FM, but with FM ID fields).


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