End of Surplus?

William Donzelli aw288 at osfn.org
Mon Apr 25 21:08:11 CDT 2005

>    Any thoughts on this?

The sky is not falling. Your contact is probably just getting scared, and
will probably come to his senses after some time.

The government is getting far more restrictive with EUCs and demil
policies (this goes back to the 1990s), and because of this, surplus
"died" back then. It still came out. It still comes out to this day
(although not as much cool stuff is spared from demil).

Looks at the way DRMS works - often things are sold as piles, with a few
things tagged and logged on the side to make it look official (remember
the bored clerks that have to do this stuff - it is much easier to ignore
serials and model numbers when 5 PM is approaching! Lots of fun things are
found in those piles - often things that really ought not to get out*. If
the government does not have the complete numbers of what got out - what
good will the scrapman's paper be?

As you know, but others may not, if you get in good with a scrap guy, he
will sell you just about anything, provided you don't cross him. 

*Like late model military radios, as in the kind that show up on Ebay from
time to time. They should not be out at all - those that are were hidden
in the "piles" and are stolen!

William Donzelli
aw288 at osfn.org

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