End of Surplus?

Tom Uban uban at ubanproductions.com
Mon Apr 25 21:07:58 CDT 2005

It's a complete shame. There is a significant industry that is based on
the resale of surplus equipment. To just destroy it needlessly pollutes,
throws away jobs, and does not support the economy. To what end does the
destruction of antique equipment, which has already been stripped of any
information that might further nefarious individuals or wayward countries,
going to prevent another 9/11 incedent?


At 09:47 PM 4/25/2005 -0400, Joe R. wrote:

>    A couple of days ago several people were discussing their problems with
>a couple of DG Novas. I mentioned that I had just seen one in a scrap yard
>and a couple of people asked me to check on getting it for parts. I went
>back there today and the Nova was still there and it looks complete.
>HOWEVER the owner of the yard informed me that he is no longer selling ANY
>surplus to anybody for any reason. I talked to him and found out that the
>US Government is now requiring all surplus and scrap dealers to keep
>DETAILED records of EVERY piece of equipment that they sell! Furthermore
>they must ensure that NONE of it goes overseas. As you can imagine there's
>no way that a scrap yard owner can handle the massive amounts of paperwork
>that would be involved and there is absolutely no way to ensure that none
>of it goes overseas. Supposedly this is coming from the Department of
>Homeland Security and has something to do with 9/11. (Have you noticed that
>every new, rediculous requirement is in response to 9/11?) This is a
>requirement of the US Government but the owner says that a number of
>independent companies are also giving him the same requirement. However he
>says that it's not worth the trouble to try and keep the
>government/non-government stuff separate, he's just going to destroy
>everything! If this is as drastic as it sounds then I think we've seen the
>end of surplus forever!
>    Any thoughts on this?
>    Joe

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