Apple // Emulator Disk Images

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Tue Apr 26 19:59:27 CDT 2005

> In this specific case, the software should've either told you it needed
> the disk you were writing to be pre-formatted (I would assume it mentions
> it in the docs) or it should give you the option to format the disk before
> writing.  In the very least, it should've made it obvious to Zane that it
> was having trouble writing the disk.  Apparently it didn't, and that's
> just crap programming.

In all fairness to the author, it might say something about this in the
documentation.  However, the software is so easy to use that I never looked
at it.

At the same time, give the nature of the program, and the fact it should
take an almost exact amount of time to write a disk image, giving that
amount of time would have been a good hint.

OTOH, the fact that even knowing I need to format the disk first I can't get
a working floppy created is enough to drive me crazy.  I should have been
smart and tried a different program to write the disk images...


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